Founded in 2012 in West Michigan, U.S.A. Failure:Lab combines storytelling, audience reflection time and performance in a fast-paced program, with 7 storytellers and 8 performances, packed into a 99 minute show. 

In an Australian first, this curated line up of creative professionals will each share personal failure stories including a bank-busting exhibition, broken collaborations, uninspired moments, poor business moves and other lows that you don’t hear about – but be honest, have experienced!

Storytellers share a story of failure, joining Failure:Lab’s global mission to eliminate the fear, stigma, and isolation around failure which, in turn, helps remove roadblocks to communication, innovation, and community.

Selina Miles, Film Maker
Marcus Westbury, CEO of Contemporary Arts Precincts Ltd
Somaya Langley, Sound Artist
Jeremy Staples, Cultural Seed Planter and Trouble Maker
Dr Annetta Mallon PhD, Lecturer & Writer
Chloe Beevers, Creative Strategist
Adam Monaghan, Executive Producer

Casio Gloria
DA Carter
Ebb Tides
The Tinderbox Lullabies

Don't let the name fool you - while the stories may be about failure, the event is really about courage, determination, and the strength to get back up.

Crush the stigma around failure. Embrace it, learn from it, build on it.